Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, November 2010

Hailey Twitch has a secret.
She has a friend named Maybelle—a sprite that no one else can see.
Hailey’s class is performing a play that is fun, fun, fun! Hailey wants to be the star. But when a substitute teacher takes over the class, he makes the play BORING! Hailey needs Maybelle’s help. But Maybelle still doesn’t have her magic back.
How will She help Hailey this time?


  • The cantankerous Mr. Frisk doesn’t stand a chance against precocious Hailey Twitch and her impish fairy Maybelle. Both aspire to befriend their elderly neighbor for personal gain; Hailey’s efforts intensify as she enlists the seasoned actor as director in their school play. While the child’s wacky attempts at friendship prove disastrous—Mr. Frisk does not appreciate his morning breakfast doused in syrup and left soaking in raw egg—her off-base efforts to apologize prove more appalling still. The dynamic between the lively youngster and her strong-willed sprite takes center stage, and Beaky’s drawings make the most of the situational humor. Hailey’s child-centered perceptions remain spot-on, combining laugh-out-loud moments with gentle insight. “But I know deep down in my heart that it is not true. Cereal is the easy way out.” This winning series depicts one youngster’s balancing act between her sweet and spunky sides and provides a welcome resource for kids waiting for the next Clementine or Moxy Maxwell.