Flashlight Press, 2011

If you think YOU have a busy schedule, take a look at Ernestine Buckmeister's weekly 

On Mondays she sculpts with Clay Lumpkin.
On Tuesdays she does water ballet with Miss Goldfisher.
On Wednesdays she knits with Mrs. Pearl Stitchem. 
On Thursdays she takes tuba lessons with Mr. Oompah.
On Fridays she yodels with Little Old Lady Hoo.
On Saturdays she studies karate with Grand Master HiYa! 
And on Sundays she practices yoga with Guru Prakash Pretzel

Her well-meaning, busy parents have packed her after-school hours, turning Ernestine 
into the over-scheduled poster child of today.

But Ernestine is about to opt out and do what no Buckmeister has ever done before:
just PLAY.

Comstock  Read Aloud Book Award 2012
2011 ABC Best of Books Catalog pick
Delaware Diamonds Award list 2012-13